IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once your order is placed, you have agreed to the terms of business described here.

One-run means that the recorded text is delivered as single continuous sound files, page by page or simliar.

Clean-cut means that any mistakes, pops & clicks, false starts, etc are edited out (= clean file).

Cut-up means the recording is cut up into small individual files, individually labelled according to script. This is usually NOT included in price but is an additional service at hourly rates (please request quote).

Minor corrections are included in price (such as mispronounced words, product names and similar).

due to script changes/amendments requested by the client are considered as new assignments. However, minor corrections are always included free of charge.

Same Session Discount
If two or more similar spots/texts are recorded in the same session, a 50% discount applies from the second version and onwards. Example: a radio ad campaign consists of 3 almost similar scripts and all are recorded in the same recording session. The first is full price, the others at 50% discount (100%+50%+50%). The same applies for cut-downs.

Additional services
Script adaption and linguistic corrections, file cut-up/labelling, additional recording(s) called for by client and similar are additional services at hourly rates.

Standard Delivery Format:
WAV 24/48 mono, one-run, clean-cut, no mastering. Please specify if other format is preferred.

File Delivery
Normally via email, or uploaded directly to your FTP server.

Offer or bid is valid for 30 days
Any offer or bid given is valid for 30 days from sending.

Payment terms
Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due within 30 days from invoice date.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
Value Added Tax (VAT) does NOT apply to orders from outside Sweden. Prices displayed here are net prices, no tax is added. However (if within the EU), your VAT number is required for the statutory quarterly report.

Studio cost included
Since I have my own recording facility, studio cost is included in all prices.

Free custom demo
Free 30-60 second custom demo made on request. Send script or similar text. If the script is in English, it does not need to be translated to make a custom demo; I will make a quick translation.

Delivery approval
A delivered recording is considered to be approved when it has been 5 (five) working days from delivery without request for correction, taken into use, approved via email or phone, or there is obvious consent or other comparable circumstance.

Usage agreement
Unless otherwise agreed at the time of purchase, a delivered recording may be used free for one (1) year for the purpose, region and media agreed upon at the time of assignment. Separate agreement is made for extended use.