Anna Nederdal is a Swedish female voice over artist with a range of vocal styles. She can read authoritative medical and technical information, give life to characters such as the girl next door, a mother as well as cartoon characters.

Sample voice 1: Trustworthy, informative, friendly, classy, experienced, sophisticated, genuine, reliable, authoritative
Sample voice 2: Upbeat, lively optimistic cheery enthusiastic, natural, fresh smart informal
Sample voice 3: Selling, energy, optimistic, clear, varm
Sample voice 4: Natural, friendly, reliable, informative, varm
Sample voice 5: Hard selling, enthusiastic, friendly
Sample voice 6: Hard selling, enthusiastic, friendly, clear
Sample voice 7: Welcoming enthusiastic, friendly, clear
Sample voice 8: Warm, thoughtful, inviting, airy, approachable, persuasive
Sample voice 9: Screaming, whispering, funny, humor, warm, playful, childish
Sample voice 10: Acting, old lady, haughty, noble, little child
Sample voice 11: Informative, neutral, pleasant, clear, authoritative
Sample voice 12: Your friend, welcoming, enthusiastic, friendly, informative, warm
Sample voice 13: Flirty, nice, your friend, warm
Sample voice 14: Acting, mother, laughter
Sample voice 15: Frank, authoritarian, in your face
Sample voice 16: Young woman, neutral, narrative
Sample voice 17: Informative, trustworthy, friendly experienced business, genuine, sophisticated, professional
Sample voice 18: Acting, wife, angry
Sample voice 19: Information, business, technology